Saving Money

No work getting done? Blame the Olympics

[ad_1] Al Bello/Getty Images There probably isn’t a lot of work getting done this week in U.S. workplaces, at least not as much as usual. That’s because many employees are preoccupied with something a little more entertaining during their work hours: watching the Olympics. If that’s you, you’re in good company. A survey has found […]

Saving Money

Best money-related #PhelpsFace memes

[ad_1] Your credit card gets declined. Your roommate is late on the rent. You were expecting a tax refund but you find out you actually owe. The frustration moves from your gut to your face, and your eyes cast a menacing death stare. You’re familiar with that face, and now it has a name: #PhelpsFace. […]

Credit Cards

5 ways to improve credit card habits

[ad_1] NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty Images More and more, we’re doing this better. There are millions more Americans who hold credit cards today than they did in 2012. And cardholders now are more likely to avoid interest charges and other behaviors that can lead to indebtedness. In fact, 52% of cardholders in 2015 paid their credit cards […]