How Brexit could affect your travel

[ad_1] Tom Bonaventure/Getty Images After the United Kingdom officially parts ways with the European Union in about two years, Americans could see fewer flying options abroad — and longer passport lines when they do travel. The upside: Your trip could be cheaper. “Brexit creates that opportunity to spend outside the U.S.,” says Bodhi Ganguli, lead […]


4 money lessons from popular movies

[ad_1] Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 4 money lessons from popular movies We can learn a lot from movies. About ourselves, about the reality that surrounds us, about what we want in life and about the roadblocks that stand in our way. We go to the movies to escape reality but also to reflect on our […]

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4 creative ways people cut their spending

[ad_1] NBC NewsWire/Getty Images At the beginning of the new year, countless Americans made a resolution to spend less or take other financially responsible actions. By mid-January, though, many had scrapped their resolutions and resigned themselves to old habits, whether that’s spending too much on take-out or failing to set aside money for a down […]

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Join our exclusive Money Masters group

[ad_1] Rido/Shutterstock.com Have a financial question? You’ve come to the right place! Our Money Masters page on Facebook is a private group that offers you direct access to our team of financial experts. As a member, you’ll be able to ask questions and get personalized advice from some of the sharpest minds in personal finance. […]

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Barclaycard Ring now offers 0% APR

[ad_1] Barclaycard now has one of the most competitive balance transfer credit cards available. The issuer recently introduced a 15-month, no-interest offer on its Barclaycard Ring Platinum MasterCard. The change is significant because only a handful of cards offer both: 0 percent interest on a balance transfer. No fee to transfer a balance. CARD SEARCH: […]


How much do movers cost?

[ad_1] Andrey_Popov/Getty Images You’re counting down the days until you can leave your current digs and move into your new home. You’re excited to move, but not so excited about the move itself. Are you dreading the idea of packing up and hauling all your stuff yourself? Do you find yourself asking how much do […]


4 things US consumers must do before Brexit

[ad_1] Thomas Barwick/Getty Images Buy a house U.S. mortgage rates initially plunged following the Brexit vote, but now sit more than 0.4 percentage points higher than the 52-week average, according to Bankrate’s weekly survey of large lenders. Yet they remain historically low, and economists believe Brexit aftershocks could continue to put downward pressure on mortgage […]

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Best secured credit cards

[ad_1] Alejandro J. de Parga/Shutterstock.com Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes severely affect your credit. If you’re among the 68 million Americans who have a credit score below 601, a secured credit card might be your only option for card ownership. Think of a secured credit card as a debit card with consequences. Your […]

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Chatbots will help you with your cards, banking

[ad_1] Sam Edwards/Getty Images Not too long ago, online banking and live chat with a bank or credit card representative felt cutting-edge. Now, financial institutions are upping the ante by launching chatbots to interact with customers. Powered by artificial intelligence, these chatbots can quickly answer questions about balances, recent transactions or other queries. In addition […]