Credit Cards

7 rules for using credit cards to finance a dream

[ad_1] Matteo Colombo/Getty Images Starting a business, paying for education and even financing a once-in-a-lifetime trip — sometimes credit cards allow people the freedom to take a risk they couldn’t otherwise afford. “There are times when making a charge that is beyond your ability to promptly repay makes sense,” says Martin H. Lynch, director of […]

Credit Cards

How to protect kids from debt, financial stress

[ad_1] Seiya Kawamoto/Getty Images Parents struggling to pay bills are right to wonder how much of an impact their financial stress is having on their kids. According to “Parental Debt and Children’s Socioemotional Well-Being,” a study published in the journal Pediatrics in January 2016, high unsecured debt (such as credit cards) is associated with lower […]

Credit Cards

The new card skimming is called ‘shimming’

[ad_1] eclipse_images/Getty Images Remember the card skimming wave, in which fraudsters attach false fronts to outdoor ATM and gas pump point-of-sale terminals to harvest the details off your card’s magnetic stripe and clone your card? The bad guys are back with a new, improved data pickpocketing technique called shimming, in which they secretly insert a […]


Who loses in a government shutdown?

[ad_1] Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images Congress returns Tuesday from its spring recess and will have until Saturday, President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, to prevent the government from running out of money. The thought of a government shutdown makes many U.S. consumers cringe, especially if they depend on the federal government for medical care, retirement […]