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What’s old is new again


What's old is new again

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From a deluge of movie remakes and television reboots, including (Fuller House, The Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace to the limited return of many cult fast-food favorites (including Burger King’s Cheesy Tots), to the resurgence of indie bookstores, you’ve likely noticed that all that’s old is new again.

Are you caught up in the nostalgia?

You’ll be delighted to know that many other oldies but goodies are making a return, including these:

Ford Bronco

While Ford recently made headlines when it announced that it was bringing back two iconic cars — the Ranger (in 2019) and the Bronco (in 2020), it’s the Bronco that’s “got everyone going bonkers,” says Mark Takahashi, automotive editor at Edmunds.

Despite rising gas prices and the Bronco’s reputation for guzzling, Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, points out that when the Bronco was last produced in 1996, it claimed 14 miles per gallon in the city driving and 16 mpg on the highway, Ford’s decision to go retro was otherwise a no-brainer, Takahashi says.

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“Ford was looking to be hip again and raise the profile of its brand. It accomplished that; there’s a lot of buzz right now,” he says.

What will the Bronco look like?

“It’s speculation at this point, but you’re going to get something pretty cool with a retro flair, and real off-road capabilities that will appeal to the 50-plus-year-old males looking to re-live their youth,” Takahashi says.

80s Fashion

You’ve likely noticed the fashion industry’s fascination with the 1980s has been gaining momentum for a while. It’s now in full swing, and several retail analytic firms, including Edited say the return of 80s clothing will be one of the biggest fashion trends of the year.

Welcome back power suits, stripe trousers, over-the-top ruffles, high tops, denim skirts and, yes, even shoulder pads and fanny packs.

Vinyl Records

While sales of vinyl records have been rising for a while now (Consumers like the sound quality and like the feel of vinyl records.), 2016 was a banner year. Sales hit a 28-year high — led by David Bowie, whose latest and final album, Blackstar, was the bestselling vinyl record of the year.

Whether the rapid growth will continue is questionable, says Glenn Hower, senior research analyst at Parks Associates.

“For something like vinyl, there’s a bit of a novelty factor to it that may not have quite the staying power as other forms of distributed media, but I do see this sticking with the more dedicated music crowd than with the average music consumer,” he says.

Retro toys

They’re back — Power Rangers, Trolls, Ninja Turtles, Legos, Transformers, Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, Care Bears, Mr. Potato Head, Nerf, Hatchimals.

What’s going on?

While movies are the source of inspiration for many hot toys right now (and it’s extending into clothing, notebooks, lunch boxes and more), the other part of this is much more personal. says Sara Skirboll, Shopping and Trends Expert at

“You have parents who are nostalgic, and when parents see something they used to play with and enjoy, they want to pass that on to their kids so they can enjoy the same toys — often with new tweaks and/or digital enhancements — in the same way,” Skirboll says. “There’s that sense of connection.”

Vera Gibbons is a financial journalist and senior consumer analyst with GasBuddy and founder and editor of, a daily newsletter. A former analyst with MSNBC who appeared regularly on the “Today Show,” Gibbons was previously a financial contributor with CBS News.


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